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Could someone with a bone stock Palisade take a measurement for me?
I could really use the height from ground to interior floor in inches.
And the height from ground to passenger seating surface,
and height from ground to back seat seating surface and floor.

Also does it make a difference if it's the top trim or the lower trims? Top trim comes with bigger wheels (but maybe lower profile tires?)

Why would anyone need this? Its to figure out if the car is too high to transfer into from a wheelchair.

My spouse transfers in from wheelchair (stands on one leg and then basically sits on the passenger seat and scoots in).
Today we have GMC Terrain and the height is pretty much spot on, we may be able to deal with another inch but not much more.

Hoping the Palisade it's close to same height from ground to seat!! And if not I need to explore ways to lower the seat or or car or both.... sigh.
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