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Possible Tucson Shortage?

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When I got my oil changed Saturday at the dealer, my young saleswoman Erin, told me that all the dealers have very few Tucsons available now. It appears that they are either cutting production, or stopping production on the 2010's, and gearing up for the 2011's. I didn't get to speak with her much about this because she was busy with other customers, so I don't know if, & when, the 2011 Tucsons will be available? Has anyone else heard of this?
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I have to agree. I have owned my Tucson for about 3 weeks. It took 2 weeks to locate the truck i wanted. I originally wanted a GLS AWD in blue. There was 1 in the region, then got word it was sold. Apparently it was the only one in the country. There was a silver GLS AWD not to far, so they had to do a dealer trade to get it to me quickly. They said that the 2010 are no longer being produced cause they are gearing up for the 2011 run. Which i could have waited another 6-8 weeks for deliverly. I didnt want to wait. Plus there is a $400 increase in sticker price. The dealer said that the new Tucson is a hot ride and under high demand. I can see why, i went from an 08 accord coupe to it and absolutely love it. However i dont see any in my area. Its nice to have a vehicle that not everyone the moment at least.
They aren't selling like they were when they first came out. We got about 20 of them at once about a month ago and we still have 6 or 7 and a few more 2010's are trickling in. 2011's should be on the lots sometime in very late August or September.
One of my neighbors in this community has a new Red Limited AWD, I met him at the gatehouse while picking up my mail. Another woman has a new Green GLS just like mine in the next town west of me, I saw her at the local firehouse passing by on Bingo night. I've seen an Iris blue one on the way to the dealership, and only one graphite gray (basic model) on their lot, but I saw a similar one in the next town east of me, other then that I haven't seen many on the road in my travels.
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