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Possible Aug Michigan Meet

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Hey, I was wondering if there are any Midwest area Hyundai owners around (4-6hrs from Detroit)?
I'm looking to set up a HF meet in michigan around the time of the Woodward Dream Cruise.
For those who don't know google Woodward dream cruise for some cool stuff. It's basically a super meet and drive...well not much driving just slow coasting. But anyway, i'm seeing tons of car meets here in Michigan and sadly nothing dealing with hyundias.
Just wondering if anyone would be interested in a meet.
I was thinking of having a meet at the Hyundai/Kia tech center and from there just join some cruises in Michigan.
I'm aiming for a aug 20/21.
It's kinda last minute, but it would be nice to meet other Hyundai owners and hang out.
If aug too soon, we can set something up before the winter comes in.
And to the mods...sorry for not posting in the meet forum...from experience (mc accent) ppl notice meets more on the discussion forum rather that the meet forum.

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I guess no one noticed that... or at least did not comment.
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