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My Tucson (2005 CRDi 4WD) didn't come with a keyless entry from factory.In fact they never marketed a Tucson with Keyless entry in this part of the world.
It has electric door actuators on all 4 door + hatch which can be activated by driver side door control panel but no keyfobs and by all probability no remote receiver as well.

Are there any after-market units or Hyundai OEM modules which can provide the keyless entry feature without cutting/splicing any wires?
I'm basically looking for any keyless entry units that could directly plug into the factory wiring harness/connector (if at all it exists)/ ETACS unit or something?

I'm sick of the manual locking/unlocking with the key but just want to avoid meddling with the factory wiring if possible. Any inputs would be highly appreciated
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