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I have been problems for some time with my 94 Hyundai Excel

its a single cam 1.5L, 4 door

at times while driving along it will

  • lose power
  • then when you try to accelerate it struggles and black smoke comes out the exhaust
  • or the car will rev up on idle and then the above will occur
i have read through various threads here and all have pointed toward the crank angle sensor

but even i went to the hyundai dealer ship they advised that my car didnt have a seperate crank angle sensor and would have to buy the whole distrbutor

is this the cause/and solution?

i dont want to shell out $800 for something if it doesnt resolve it

and this problem is random and doesnt show it self when needing to so a mechanic


second problem is the hydrulic clutch

the pedal feels soft and would not go into gear

i have just drained it and flushed it throughly

but its still soft

the cap on the resivour doesnt have a tread to secure it it looks like it would be held by vacuum and can someone let me know if i have to do anything out of the ordinary to give it a more solid feel?

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Hello I don't know about the crank angle sensor. You can check ebay for one,..but sounds like yours could be bad.
As for the CLUTCH..did u BLEED IT? you have to remove the air after you refilled it because air will get in and the pedal will feel spongey..have someone steep up and down on the clutch pedal while you open the nipple to bleed it..once the pedal becaomes firm a\; tell the person to hold the pedal to the floor while you tighten the nipple so now more air will get in..hope this helps/
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