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Well, Im not a man of wealth, but I do feel I am a man of taste.

Just a brand newbie to Hyundai's and specifically to the 2013 Accent 5 dr hatchback. (Cyclone grey). Currently living in Florida and have had my car a week, tomorrow. Found this site while searching to see if I could have a trailer hitch added to my car and tow a small trailer if I decide to move in the next few months.

(I guess it can, but not recommended and have to be careful of weight?)

I have some experience with cars, but nothing new. Just got rid of a 91 BMW 318i with previous cars being a 97 Mustang GT and 77 Camaro with a small block 400 (until someone decided their left on red was more important than my green light).

Since this is brand new with all the warranty stuff, I probably wont modify it much or at all (for now). Although the sound system really needs some work...

So, hello everyone! I will probably lurk for a bit until I get that comparability thing going.
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