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I've seen a lot of info on these forums about the jacking points on the Accent, Elantra, and Sante-Fe.

Apparently, you are supposed to place the jack at the pinch weld, but the jack actually lifts on the support points behind it.

The shop manual also reflects this - see -

This seems like a terrible design decision to me.

It's fine if I am using the factory jack in my driveway, or know to adapt a floor jack, or (hopefully) if I go to the dealer for maintenance.

What happens if I go to NTB for tire rotation/balance, or some small shop for repair work?

Do I need to run out and tell them not to lift the car here without kicking up the stands?

Has anyone had their cars damaged from this?

(I used to work at a large chain tire shop and I accidentally bent a pinch weld on one car with a hydraulic lift.)

Makes me wonder about buying a Hyundai/Kia - although I tend to like them better than my other options ...
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