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Hi, wondering if anybody can help.

I have a 2000 Coupe SE. A couple of months ago, the petrol guage suddenly stopped working and shows permanently that the tank is empty (yes, I really am that slow to get problems fixed!). Very occasionally since then it has randomly started to rise when the car is not moving and then has quickly gone back to its usual position of empty, so it's not a problem with the fuse.

Today I went to fill the car up and after I had put in about 6 litres the pump clicked off as if it was full. I kept trying and it just kept clicking. So I tried a different pump and this did the same thing. The only way I could get any further litres in the tank was to do it very, very slowly. The tank is definitely nowhere near full.

Does anybody know what these problems could be and whether they are likely to be related? I have no idea about cars so any advice would be appreciated!!
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