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I would like to know are there any 2007 to 2010 Santa Fe driver out there in Ontario Canada who has ever obtained a password from their dealership for the limp home(override) procedure of the immobolization system . I just took delevery of my new 2010 Santa Fe two weeks ago and the dealer only gave me two new chipped keys for use to start the car. But the dealership never gave me the password for the two keys. They said they do not have the password and do not oeven know what the limp home procedure is (which is stated in page 4/3 of the 2010 owner's manual.) It is nice to know that Hyndai has such a procedure which can override the immobolization in case of any failure in it causing the car to become non-startable. Even the procedure is in place, I cannot perform it without the password. Also, from other forums here, I have learnt that the American SF models are not equipped with the immolization system so this particular procedure is typically for canadian drivers.

Why would Hyundai publish this procedure on the owner's manual if the local dealerships here cannot provide teh necessary password? Can any Ontario SF driver please provide some insight on this matter please?

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My USA owner manual does not match your Canada pages...

There is no "code" for the keys...

Anytime I want to program a new key to an immollizer system, I need to call Hyundai or I think the advisor has access on the dealer site to get 6 digit code so I can get into the program mode to program new key(s).. What ever you do for the most part, DO NOT LOSE YOUR 3 KEYS suppied with vehicle from HYUNDAI...

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***Note that this only applies IF the immobilizer system is installed.***

He's referring the ability to start the car should the key fail to work. The computer has a code, you enter the code by cycling the key on/off to match the code, you can then start the car.

However, there is also a code for keys, it's attached to the keys when the dealer receives it, most remove the tag and never put it back on.
This code lets the dealer cut a new key simply by entering the code into the key machine.

If the immobilizer warning indicator blinks
for five seconds when the ignition key is
turned to the "ON" position, this indicates
the immobilizer system requires service.
The engine cannot be started without using
the procedure below.
The following procedure describes how to
start the engine using the limp home function
(0, 1, 2, 3 as a sample password).
You can get a limp home password when
the vehicle is first delivered to you. If you
do not have a password, consult your
authorized Hyundai dealer.
o If the password is entered incorrectly
three consecutive times, wait for about
one hour to perform the limp home
activation procedure again.
o If you cannot start your engine using
the limp home activation procedure,
have your vehicle towed by an authorized
Hyundai dealer.
"Limp Home" Mode and Related
Immobillizer warning indicator
1. To activate the password, turn the ignition
key "ON" and "OFF" according to
the digit numbers. The immobilizer indicator
will blink along with the operation
of the ignition key. For example, turn the
ignition key once for digit number "1",
and twice for "2", and so on. For the digit
number "0", you must cycle the ignition
key 10 times.
2. Wait for 3~10 seconds.
3. You may set the remaining number of
digits by following steps 1 and 2.
4. If all of the four password digits have
been successfully entered, turn the ignition
key "ON" and check that the immobilizer
indicator illuminates. From
this time, you have to start your engine
within 30 seconds. If you try to start your
engine after 30 seconds, your engine
will not start.
If the engine stalls while driving in the
"limp home" mode, you can start your
engine within 2.5 seconds without reentering
the password.
If the immobilizer indicator blinks for five
seconds, you must re-enter the password
(steps 1~4).
After performing the limp home activation
procedure, consult with your authorized
Hyundai dealer as soon as possible.
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