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This is for 2009 Hyundai Accent GLS model.

I have a habit of folding my Driver and Passenger side mirror everytime I leave my car. Recently my passenger side mirror (or assembly) was changed as a part of accident fix along with door.

Last night when I tried folding my passenger side mirror - these are power mirrors, the mirror (glass only) came off from its assembly. I saw that the metal hooks which had some light glue are still attached to its assembly. I have re-attached the mirror part back to assembly socket (had a round latch plastic socket on assembly as well as on back of glass). I also have a small blindspot mirror attached to the glass as well. (Note: I live in Vancouver where 80% of time a year it rains and I keep my car out in weather for 60 hours a week)

Any idea is it safe now, what should I be doing??
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