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Part Number?

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I'm new to the hyundai-forums. I recently purchased 2008 sonata SE.
I was doing first oil change and noticed rubber grommet or plug is missing right side of the frame
(see attached picture: one is left side with plug and the other is right side missing the plug).

I went to to search for the parts but no luck. Can anyone tell me what part this is?

Thank you


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The left picture has the supplied PDI plug installed (oval).... the round hole is missing... maybe laying along side of road somewhere..

Take it in if it still under 5/60, and have service order the part for you.. might have to take plug out of other side and see if it same size and see of there is a number on it to be used to order through Hyundai parts..
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Thank you all for reply. I went to a Hyundai dealer in my area and they didn't know exact part number so they ordered bunch of parts. It was one of smaller plug cost lik $1.
I forgot the part number but all is well now.

If you could give us the part number that would be great. They are all missing on my car. You can get the part number on the bag they were sold in.



I found those plugs in the trunk in a Hyundai bag. But the round ones for the front are missing like the picture on the first post. Do you know anything about them (part number)?


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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