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2000 Hyundai Sonata 2.5 V6 auto trans ~176k
SES reads: P304 & P305 (cylinders 4 and 5 misfire)
Symptoms: a bit shaky, less than stellar gas mileage

Past work I'm aware of in similar situation: had ignition module/packs replaced..

Attempts to solve that I have personally tried: I replaced plugs which were of unknown age but a couple looked pretty carboned up.. put in NGK OEM plugs..

I cleared codes, symptoms persist and code came back within 5 mintues

Monitored the drive after the plugs noticed vacuum gauge always showing between -29.8 & -29.9....

I'm doing this for a friend.. I'm not sure their financial position but I figured the spark plugs were a safe gamble to replace and worst case scenario she probably needed to have them replaced anyways because she's had it for a while and never done them and previous owner had no recollection of having them done anyways... however a MAP sensor on the low end that I've found is about $70 ... were it my own car I'd go get one.. but again I'm not sure what her financial position is so I'm not eager to throw someone else's money at the problem... Thoughts on where to go from here?

This is my second foray into this engine.. my first was into a Dodge Avenger which appears to be of the same family anyways.. I come from a Saturn and BMW background so I'm at a loss and it's in negative temps in MN and I spent tonight doing the plugs outside.......
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