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I've owned a i10 1.2 (Kappa) 2013 from new but recently it's showing a P0014 code.

The error code can be reset but will return after a couple of days.
Performance seems fine, starts and idles without any problems.
The engine warning light seems to be triggered on a engine start up event. I believe I captured one of these events whilst my OBDC diagnostic tool was capturing live data.
The car was running for around 10 minutes before being switched off and back on again when the abnormal event occurred:

The Ex-Cam Bank Desired Position should be -19 degrees
The Ex-Cam Bank Actual position (having started the engine) started at -5 degrees and after approx. 30 seconds it finally made it to -19 degrees.

During normal running the Actual Position always seems to be around +- 1 degree of 19.

I've conducted the following troubleshooting so far but the code always returns after a day or two:
  • New oil and filter (correct grade) - The oil has been changed every 8,000 miles from new
  • Replaced the OCV
  • Replaced the CAM position sensor 39350-2B000
As there seems to be no problems with performance, I'm happy not to worry about the engine warning light being on, however the MOT is due in September!

Could this be a cam phaser problem?

Any thoughts or ideas welcomed.


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