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I recently had the head gasket replaced on my 2001 Elantra but now I have some of the same problems as before. Immediately when the 01 Elantra is started, air bubbles percolate up thru the rad. If I place my hand over the rad opening, it quickly becomes pressurized. Eventually I lose significant amounts of antifreeze and the engine overheats. I think the head gasket is bad (again) or there is a crack in the head somewhere. My father said it could be a blown intake manifold gasket. At present I am adding antifreeze each day and the car will run great. Could the dealer determine the problem with a code reader? Desperate in PA!

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l would agree with you it does sound like a blown headn gasket and/or a cracked or distorted head. take it back to where you had the job done and complain

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When the head gasket was done, did they reskim the cylinder head? If not it is probably distorted and needs skimming. Any reputable garage would have checked this so definitely push for having it done properly for free this time.

To test for a blown headgasket, you would need to do a compression test on each cylinder which should not cost too much; no good using the on-board diagnostics in this case.

PS You are on the wrong forum for a 2001 Elantra; use the J3 forum next time. J1 is for pre-1997.

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head gaskets blow for a reason...

and from a cause...

hows the water pump ?
hows the radiator core ?
hows the thermostate ?
hows all the heater hoses ?
how about flushing out the car heater
that where all the sludge grows when not regular used
what about coolant at 2/3 coolant 1/3 water
this stops corroision
and helps lube stuff
plain water just rusts

get it pressure tested and checked
it may need roding and descale and power flushing

also a nice trick mecahnics use is not shave the head
but double gasket..specailly if its thermoset gasket
a melt gasket
designed to seal as it heated the first time hence why its pull down tolerience is important

if the gaskets are sub standard replace it with a copper one
they need to be repulled down after 1000/5000 but will outlast any melt gasket
and resist blowing

places will make one to copy a given gasket
or you can make your own...

any mech that does a head service without skimming--shaving
or lapping
which is wet and dry on sheet of glass and water /oil and doing figure of 8
until the surface of the head is even cut all over.
and checked with spirit level
of course cleaning the old gasket off on case bottom to a perfect clean is important.

then he should check thermostate and radiator..before he starts it
take it back and make him do it right

you can not just do a head gasket and not heave a real cause.
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