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I’m a newish member with a 2013 Elantra Coupe SE. I’ve never done a thing to prior vehicles so I’m seeking opinions. I’ve just learned about plasti dip and I’m wondering what colors people recommend. My coupe is white so I’m thinking of blacking out the H emblem and the Elantra badge, both on the back of the car. The other idea I’m toying with is doing white pearl on the emblems – do you think this would be pointless since the car is already white or might it stand out enough? So flat black or white pearl? Your thoughts?

Also wondering about doing the same to my rims. White sounds VERY burdensome to keep clean on wheels though. Advice here?

Last but not least my coupe has that awkward black front grill panel thing. I’ve been annoyed from the start about it being predrilled with holes for a license plate. I don’t intend to put one there unless I’m ticketed. I’m left with gnarly holes in the plastic with sharp edges too. So for this I am thinking of “patching” the holes somehow and then covering in plasti dip (likely black). What do you say to that?

So I’ve thrown a lot out there and I’d be grateful for advice or heck even a knock to the head if I’m suggesting something you think a bad idea.

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