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Back again with another question regarding my coupe.

We have had the worse downpours ever and I have had no more problems with the car as far as water getting onto the BCM. I am confident that thing is protected and the leak will be isolated soon.

The next thing that needs to be addressed that could be a potential BIG issue is an Audible one with regards to the engine. When running normal there are no out of the ordinary sounds. I have noticed when reversing up an incline and the engine is under load, there seems to be a deep fopping/knocking sound and I was wondering if this could be indicative to an engine or transmission mount going bad. I can not think of anything else, the same rhythmic beat can be felt throughout the car when cruising in 5th as well but isnt audible.

I have had some ideas thrown that it could be a rod bearing or DMF going out (If it has a DMF) or flywheel?? but I doubt it cos under normal running conditions and at idle there are no sounds that would suggest that and the car shifts good with regards to gears and no vibrations in the clutch. It's a slower washing machine rumble lol only way I can describe it and not a rattley knock.
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