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I have a 2005 Santa Fe, 2.4 5 M/T. As the title says, when I turn the key to ON, engine OFF, the Oil Pressure light is almost too Dim to see. It gets a bit brighter while the engine is cranking and then goes out.

I'm guessing the problem is not the bulb, since I would think that would either work or not, so I was going to start troubleshooting at the pressure switch/wire end. I went to the Hyundai tech info site and got the procedure to do so but ran into a problem - my switch doesn't look like the one they describe

I found the pressure switch (I think, the wire runs from the VSS to the switch and then on. I was going to test for continuance at the switch first. The instructions say to put the multimeter probes on the centre conductor and the outside of the switch. Problem 1 - my switch has what looks like two conductors inside the round plastic housing - a longer one and a shorter one - unlike the info. on the tech site which shows a single male spade connector.

Where do I put the probes to check the continuity of the switch?

The wire I have, instead of a female spade connector, is a round plastic piece with what looks like a square hole for the conductors. Where would I put the probe in there and where is a good place to ground the other end of the probe to check the light?

Thanks in advance.
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