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My 2011 2.0t SE Sonata with less than 3 years and less than 20k miles on it is leaking oil from both the valve cover gasket and the high pressure fuel pump.

The oil leaks out onto the top of the engine and down onto the turbocharger heat shield and burns, leading to a pungent smell of used oil in the cabin when the climate control is on "fresh" air. This forces me to keep the climate control system on recirculation and the windows cracked, even in the middle of winter or a driving rainstorm. The smell of used oil is so potent I have to park the car outside for an hour after arriving home to avoid filling up the garage and then the house with the stench.

This follows two oil leaks from the oil pan gasket in the last two years.

I have only ever used Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30 synthetic and K&N HP 1004 oil filters.

I am curious if anyone else has had problems with their turbocharged Sonata engines.

Not feeling all that confident about the longevity of this particular engine.
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