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That would be, and it does not cover the European diesel models ... just those sold in the U.S. and in large part, represents the models in Canada as well.

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Thank you very much. I found it. I add a picture of it from a Spanish forum member. In Spanish.

1. Carcasa del filtro de aceite del motor
2. Elemento del filtro de aceite del motor
3. Junta tórica de la tapa del filtro
4. Tapa del filtro
5. Junta tórica del perno de drenaje
6. Perno de drenaje
7. Junta tórica de la carcasa del filtro
8. Refrigerador del aceite del motor
9. Eje equilibrado y módulo de la bomba de aceite
10. Cárter de aceite superior
11. Cárter de aceite inferior
12. Junta del tapón de drenaje
13. Tapón de drenaje
14. Indicador de nivel de aceite
15. Junta tórica del indicador del nivel del aceite
16. Guía del indicador de nivel de aceite
17. Junta tórica de la guía del indicador del nivel del aceite
18. Sensor del nivel de aceite (si está equipado)


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From Google Translate,
Google Translate

1. Housing engine oil filter
2. Element engine oil filter
3. O-ring of the filter cover
4. Filter Cover
5. O-ring drain bolt
6. Drain bolt
7. O-ring for the filter housing
8. Engine oil cooler
9. Balanced shaft module and oil pump
10. Upper oil pan
11. Lower oil sump
12. Drain plug gasket
13. Drain plug
14. Oil gauge
15. O-ring oil level indicator
16. Guide oil level indicator
17. O-ring guide oil level indicator
18. Oil level sensor (if equipped)

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Note that 8 is a heater/cooler - it's connected to the cabin heater coolant pipe so will warm the oil up during a cold start as soon as some heat is available.
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