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Because the OP here is out of date, please do the following:

Big Hyundai meet coming up in Austin! Check the OP in the link for the most up to date info (updated 8/1/10).


Here is a list of current various forum members going:

1. WildBill - 3.8 Track Mirabeau Blue
2. BoostinGC - Nord Gray 2.0T Track
3. XxkevinchuxX - Eclipse (color?)
4. mfu603 - 2.0T Track Pack (color?)
5. kamekonig- 2.0t track black. possible. not sure yet
6. Killa_G - White 2.0T R-Spec
7. DezinerGEN - 80% sure I can go.
8. Demonik - 3.8 Track Bathurst Black
9. Reyrey - 3.8 Base Mirabeau Blue
10. CrookedH
11. Cycon82 -03 Rally red Tib
12. Tracer - 06 Electric red Tib
13. VDog -03 alpine white Tib
14. ATXRio - 08 Sunset orange Rio
15. KaziKid03 - 2003 Tib GT Black, Lightly Modded
16. jesco12000
17. HotLZGT - AMB 3.8 GT
18. Indiscriminate - LRGreen Genesis Coupe Track
19. Simplefast - 2005 Noble White Tiburon SE
20. Simplefast Friend - Purple Honda S2000
21. Noex (maybe) - White 2.0T RSpec M/T
22. Fixer - 03 tib - Mesquite
23. Kitty - 07 tib - Mesquite
24. druperez04 - 07 tib - Ft. Worth
25. ck2118 (maybe) - Hyundai Genesis 4.6 V8 Tau Sedan


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We are working with Harris Hill Road Track to give us a cheap one hour slot on Sunday to do some basic track time for everyone interested. The tentative plan is to meet up at the track just a bit south of Austin in San Marcos on Sunday at 12:30 pm. There will be a bit brief 20 minute driver meeting to orientate everyone. After that, everyone will proceed with a lead and follow lap with instructors before going on to have a 3 person staggered hot laps for all. It would end about 2 PM ish. Per Harris Hills Track, the cost of the brief event would be $500 plus tax for however many people we bring. So, for example, if we have 20 people, that would mean each person would pay about $25 ish dollars. The more people we have, the cheaper it is, but the track time will have to be dived out a bit more. The opposite is true with more track time, but slightly higher amount if there is less people.

While this is not intended to be a true track day, Harris Hills is interested in providing new people some basic track experience to see how they like it.

SO...who's interested and or now up for the weekend meet??

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