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Thought I would document and consolidate the part number differences between the 16" wheel suspension and the 17" wheel suspension. The part numbers shown came from an online OEM parts list and are for a 2014 GT. If you have a different year model GD numbers should be confirmed, but I have not found any differences yet.

With 16" wheels:
Front strut LT: Hyundai 54651-A5350
Front strut RT: Hyundai 54661-A5350
Strut Dust Cvr: Hyundai 54625-2F000

Rear shock: Hyundai 55300-A5700

with 17" wheels:
Front strut lft: Hyundai 54651-A5400
Front strut rt: Hyundai 54661-A5400
Strut Dust Cvr: Hyundai 54625-A5000

Rear shock: Hyundai 55300-A5800

The strut used on the 17" suspension requires a different
dust cover. The front sway bar links vary depending
on manufacturing date (at least for the 2014, maybe others).

Same springs called out for rear, front depends on manual
verses automatic. Same rear axle, same front sway bar.

Not endorsing any one brand over another, just giving data for anyone wishing to upgrade using OEM parts. Note that the rear shock from a GT may fit on the MD series Elantra. According to Monroe, both the GD and MD use the same form shock in the rear. I don't think the front strut will interchange, but I have not confirmed.

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