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I recently bought a used 2010 Accent GLS automatic sedan with the OEM factory cruise control (one of the reasons I bought the 10-11 model MC). To my dismay I noticed that if I use the cruise control at highway speed it feels like my torque converter unlocks and the RPMs increase by 200-300 rpm vs if I turn off cruise control and maintain speed with my foot on the gas. For example, lets say I'm cruising at 62 mph with my foot on the gas it will be running around 2200 but if I set the cruise control while doing this it will shoot up to ~2400rpm. Also the "eco" light on the dash will shut off as well, indicating the gas pedal is being pushed down further during cruise control to achieve the same speed. Anyone else with factory cruise control has this problem? I found one consumer review from a Canadian owner on that also complained of this same issue but I'm not sure if it is an isolated problem or if the care is just designed like this. I mainly bought this car as my beater fuel efficient car. I also have extensively driven RB accents with cruise control and they don't seem to do this. Only my MC accent appears to unlock torque converter.
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