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Obd2 Monitors

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I have tryed pretty much everything to get my monitors to set but there still not ready. I own a 1997 sonata 2.0 manaul Does anyone have any helpfull hints? The CEL is not on and there are no pending codes and I have changed or cleaned every emission component on my car. I even baught a new radiator. But the airbags have been deployed prior to my ownership and the airbag light is on would have any effects on the OBD2 monitors. Please can anyone help me before all my hair falls out?
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Readiness Tests will complete when the criteria is met... it is not a simple hop in the car and 3 times around the block and off we go.. Hyundai seems to be the worst for completing... we used to have SMOG here, and had people at last minute that could not pass because Readiness Tests were not complete... and they been driving the car all over before hitting SMOG station.
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