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I've inherited my dad's '04 Accent. It's a Silver Mist 3 dr hatchback w/ a 5 spd, & I'm planning to use it mostly for the 150 mile round trip to my mother's & back. So far it's doing that run on 4 gallons while my not-overly-glutinous e30 BMW burns 5.

My dad used the Accent like a truck, so no more scuffing up the beemer over hauling my tools back & forth. Aside from some patina around the hatch & in the back of the interior, it's in good shape with a no-rust body & a clean interior. It's amazing what that little thing will swallow up & close the hatch on, & I still have his box of bungies, rope & flags for longer loads.

For those who are interested, he ran Mobile 1 0W-40 in it from day one & it runs great. I had very little trouble getting it started after 3 yrs of sitting. I sucked out & replaced as much of the fuel as possible, checked the plugs for signs of trouble, changed the oil, filter & coolant, dropped a new battery into it, & it just fired right up. No cranking, it just kicked over & ran. I half expected it to blow out a soft brake line or two on the way home, but what it did was blow out the right-front hardline at the grommet where it passes through the inner fender. It did that in the first mile & the next 74 were accomplished with no hydraulic brakes, just the gearbox & the e-brake with a safety car behind me. It now has all new hard & soft brake lines.

It needs tires & I'm planning to find a set of factory 14" wheels for 185/60R14 tires. There are simply more options for good tires in 14" sizing & that diameter increase is a mere tenth of an inch, or 5 fewer revs to the mile.

I'll probably also retrofit a factory AC system from a junk when I do the timing belt & water pump - which will be very soon. The car has 83,000 miles on it & I can find no evidence that the belt's been changed. Aside from that I'll just leave it be & let it be what it is, which will be the more efficient weekly tool hauler to Mom's place & back.
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