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.. i have a Verna 1.5 VGT (Accent 3G) in which i recently installed a Kenwood HU KDC-X8016BT. This HU comes with Bluetooth inbuilt (Parrot BT200 or BT300) which supports BT Audio, BT Calls, BT SMS display and Phone book sync. The problem is that after i paired my nokia E71 to the HU the display showed --DOWNLOADING-- which meant that the HU is downloading the E71's phone book, and after a while the HU displayed --COMPLETED--. But when i go into the HUs BT menu and select the phone book option, only 1 name is displayed. This process (DOWNLOADING) happens every time the phone connects automatically to the HU. There is no issue in the HF call process nor in the BT Audio but when it comes to the phone book :-(

The user manual states that up to 5 phones can be paired with this HU simultaneously and 1000 phone book entries per phone can be stored in the HUs memory. Kenwood's online support says that the Nokia E71 is compatible with this HU (excluding the SMS feature). Blackberry handset paired nicely with all the features working (including phone book sync).

What could be wrong? Could it be the BT firmware in my handset or is it something else?

Please help !!
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