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Just For Information.
Just had my 2013 i10 with 20000 miles under its belt in at the dealer for the above.

Initially started a few weeks ago with a single gentle knock when cornering.
This gradually developed into a knocking noise apparently from the front nearside whee area.
Particularly bad over man hole covers and rough patches of road.

Also developed into creaking/groaning noise while putting lock on.
Also clunking/ knocking when releasing clutch sharpish.

The cause........ bolts on a wish bone worked loose.
Dealer who has i have to say provided excellent service on my three visits stated this was something they had come across before and usually manifested itself after a decent mileage has been covered.

Assured me the bolts etc are good so i presume not torqued up when built.

So if you experience this worth checking out.

Must admit mine was making horrendous noises sounded like a wheel was ready to come off.:)
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