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Hi everyone.

I have a 2002 Sonata 2.4L. Recently my service changed the right upper ball joint. They didn't change the left! I think they must be changed in sets (am I right?). When you open the hood and compare the screws of the new and old wishbone-like upper ball joint arm's, it is clear that the screw of the new one is half inch longer than the old one. The car started to pull to left. I am pretty sure because they changed only one side, it is causing the problem. So I will go and ask them to change the left joint too.

My other question is about a periodic noise coming from the front tires. At low speeds and high speeds you can hear it. It is like a hum hum hum hum noise.

-can be a broken belt in the tires
-since the car has no ABS, in case the previous owner made a hard break the tires will be locked and car will skid on the wheels, maybe one area of the tire is become flattened/worn?
-can be bended rim (but the steering wheel is not shaking, just the noise)
-can't be warped brake disk, I changed last week.

Any opinions?

Thank you.
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