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I've attached Power Window schematic diagrams and I am confident that AUTOSPARK will be able to help you to resolve the Power Window issues.
Thanks for the diagrams, @wongpfh.

WOW...there is a lot of power windows on that model and I don't really see anything common to them all on the diagram. What I'd suggest is check to see if there is voltage being supplied to the DDM/ADM fuses. Maybe one of the main fuselinks out on the engine bay fusebox has popped meaning there is no power being supplied to the fuses downstream of the fuselink.

I also notice that there is no ground shown for those front door control modules on the diagram. The dashed outline of the modules means not all the wiring for that module is shown on that diagram, but it's odd for them to show the power supplies on one diagram and the grounds on a completely different diagram. I'm guessing the grounds will be shown on the power mirror or the central locking diagrams. I doubt this is a grounding issue though. That was just an observation.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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