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Yes I checked every fuse, in engine compartment, under the dash on the drivers side and in the jack storage compartment in the cargo area. None of the fuses were blown.

Do the windows and power mirror have a relay somewhere???
Most likely they are the "built-in relay" within the power window control modules and they are not removable, it is strange that all the power windows and power outside mirrors failed at the same time. Please check the followings :
DDM 30Amp fuse (Driver Door Module), ADM 30Amp fuse (Assist Door Module), RR P/WIN-LH 25Amp fuse, RR P/WIN-RH 25 Amp fuse, P/Quarter 10Amp fuse, also check connectors at the power window main switch for proper connection (you may need to remove the door trim panel to do that).
I've attached Power Window schematic diagrams and I am confident that AUTOSPARK will be able to help you to resolve the Power Window issues.


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