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hi I'm new to this so bear with me, and please tell me if i do something wrong.

I have a 2004 elantra , and in the morning i cannot get front window to defrost or the heat to come on until i am actually driving it for about 10 minutes then if i stop at a light the air goes cool again. Its currently 10 degrees where i live. I had the coolant, the fuses and the thermostat checked and finally was told it was probably the "blend door actuator" , i have priced the part at auto place its about $75 dollars. The dealer wants $400 dollars to replace it and the cheapest i have found from other places is about $300. A friend in CA says its fairly easy to do yourself and all you do is go though glove box. I bought an Haynes repair book to see how to do it. There is nothing in the Haynes book about the
"blend door actuator". Does it go by another name?
thank you any help would be appreciated.:)
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