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hey guys, my girlfriend needs a new car... i found a used 2002 accent (forgot which trim (ah yes...stupid me, its right in the pic- GL)- power windows, locks, mirrors, 5spd, no sunroof, 4 door sedan) at a local garage. it's got 33k miles on it. i got a chance to talk with the original owner, he told me that he never had any probs with it, and maintained it well (oil change every 3k). I'm just afraid about hyundai reputation and quality. the truth is that i almost never see any old hundais on the road. i see a ton of old hondas and toyotas tho :mellow: Me and her are big fans of imports, her 91 mazda protege has 218k on it. ive got a 2001 civic lx, and love that car. but a civic with low miles may be out of her budget. shes looking to spend no more than $7000.

though i know hyundai has definetely changed over the past few years. big warranties, nice cars, etc.

the garage is asking $6000 for it, is that too high? the owner thought it was too much, he said he paid a little over $9000 for it.

Also- the hyundai has a 5 yr 60k transferable warranty that she can also has some minor trunk damage (pic)

were just looking for something thats good on gas, reliable, and will last.

if anyones interested- i posted a similar thread on a message board that i often visit:

thanks everyone
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