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Hey everyone,

I am a new owner of a 2014 YF Sonata SE Limited with about 57K...
And Im parting her out.

I am a current MC Accent Owner and Im swapping the entire drivetrain from the Sonata into the Accent.

So far Im just lurking through the forums here looking for any issues with the 2.0 I may encounter.

One thing im trying to gather intel on is a possible Trans swap.
My Accent is a 5sp MT and well the YF didnt have a MT option...but trying to bump heads with people to see what other Theta II equipped models have a MT (and isnt RWD)

I do plan on utilizing...

the Speedometer and doing a SMD swap as I did with my Accent
the Side mirrors and LED swapping those as well.
Plus...playing around with the Theta II
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