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Knowing that there are forums for everything under the sun - I found this Hyundai forum today.

We stumbled onto the Hyundai Santa Fe vehicles after doing some internet shopping for a replacement vehicle for our dearly departed 2003 Mercury Sable station wagon. We loved the wagon body style - but finding a wagon these days is like finding a dinosaur. At first we looked at Toyota and Honda SUVs, but in order to fit our price range they were running way over 120,000 and up miles. Some were more like 200+ thousand miles...

We were about to settle for some kind of sedan when we saw a Santa Fe and sort of had that "Eureka" moment!

What we found was a 2007 SF Limited in Powder White Pearl and light gray leather interior. Granted, we've just had it a week, but so far we love it. It has all the practicality of a station wagon without the "ew... it's a station wagon!!!" negativity.


Randall in Arkansas


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