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Hey All

Just got my Sonata GL Auto, Graphite Blue at the end of August and want to do some major/minor mods and that's it nothing to crazy. Wondering if someone could answer a few simple questions.

What's been done so far, Tint! 5% Limo tints on the back, and 15% on the front made a huge difference! Here in Ontario I think legal (front) is 35% but the glass shop didn't care for what I put on the front so I installed 15 front and 5 back instead of 35 front 5 back (ew). That's all so far.

But I do have a wish list...

Modification list:

Rims: 19 inch, not to sure exactly what kind, possibly chrome 5+ spokes.
Dual Exhaust:
-Is it possible to get this done on my type of model, GL Sonata?

Angel LED Front Headlights: Type 4.;cate=012101000
-Prefer these LED front headlights than the one's available on Korean Auto Imports.

LED DRL fog lights:
-Would I need to cut out my front bumper for this installation? Currently I have it covered b/c GL doesn't come with Fog's.

Chrome accents: Possible Side mirrors, door handles.

If someone can give me some guidance or post links from other threads where I can do my own research that would be greatly appreciated :)

I've attached a picture of my car.




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:00000732: to the Forum! On the top of the page there is a search link. You can find just about anything your looking for. Enjoy your new ride. :grin:
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