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So which driving mode are you using? I’ve gone back and forth between Smart and Comfort and finally decided I liked the mapping in Comfort better. With the pedal commander, you’re remapping accelerator response at the pedal, right? If I understand correctly, you’ve got a whole series of mappings to try in combination with each driving mode To find your favorite.

Also, I was thinking about why it’s so expensive. I think the PC would be pretty easy to reverse engineer or emulate, but the penalty for a malfunction could easily be deadly. I can design circuits but nothing that I want to bet my life on. I’d like to think that both failsafe engineering and liability coverage is built into the price. Ultimately it’s more money than I’d pay for the functionality but I think it’s cool that the device is available to consumers like you that consider this an important enhancement that’s worth the price.
I've settled for SMART mode as it seems to give the best gear changes.

On PC I am now in "City". The car now pulls much easily and effortlessly. It comes with a 30 day return money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty.
Honestly, I feel it's a very cheap way of enhancing my experience driving this car.
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