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Hey. NJ here. We have 2 2012 Hyundai Accents. One is a GLS Sedan with the 6 spd manual. We bought that new with 6 miles and have no complaints at all going on 180k in just over 6 years. The other is a 2012 SE hatch we bought used with 48k in 2015 and just turned 138k today. I do have a few quibbles with this one. The upgraded sport wheels sap power from the drivetrain and do a number on both brakes and tires. They also transfer more road noise than the base steelies. The hatch has a good bit less cargo space with the seats up than the sedan does. The auto is a total slushbox and I HATE the sealed tranny. Anyone who is a DIY guy will understand.

I've been working on my own cars for 30 years, from my first a 1979 Dodge Aspen, through my 85 TType and 87 GN, myriad minivans, I have so many spare parts I buy them used and cheap and can work on the Chrysler minivans in my sleep, my wife's 97 TJ, which has been rolled twice, and rebuilt twice lol, to various different expendable grocery getters through the years. Even my 04 C230, which supposedly has a "sealed for life" tranny has a trans dipatick/fill tube, and you can buy a pseudo stick for filling.

Ah well, my opinion is Hyundai lost focus with the uprated Accents and bit into possible Elantra sales.

If anyone is getting rid of a set of stock steelies with good rubber cheap, let me know!!

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