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I purchased a 2.0L turbo Sonata in 2011 after one drive. I believe it was ahead of its' time relative to other small cars. The performance was on some levels equivalent to the Mercedes E500 I used at the time which only delivered 14 - 15 mpg around town.
I have had problems with warrantee issues wherein dealer refused to warrantee the oil line to the turbo which blew up and sprayed oil all over the engine (fire issue). There was a recall but I was refused reimbursement. Additionally my paddle shifters failed at about 45,000 mi and the dealer claimed they were not part of the transmission even though they shifted it. Almost had a serious accident when they failed as I use paddle shifters for compression to aid brake use. It is probably time to notify NHTSC as this is a major safety issue. I do love this car for general driving.
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