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New Throwout Bearing

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I installed a new clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing. I installed the bearing onto the transmission first, like the instructions say (I didn't snap it onto the pressure plate), the clutch is aligned perfectly, the transmission slides all the way into place fairly easily.

The problem is I can still move the release arm completely back and forth, like the bearing doesn't even reach the pressure plate. Nothing is broken, and the old & new pressure plate seem identical, so pretty sure I have the right part.

I've taken this thing apart and put it back together way too many times and I get the same result. I'm going nuts!
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Sorry for your troubles. When I did my clutch, I snapped the bearing onto the pressure plate first, then bolted up the trans. I was able to finesse the clutch fork onto the little bearing hooks with a skinny screwdriver through the little vent holes, it's easier than it sounds. I simply didn't know the correct procedure and put it back together the same way it came apart.
There is a trick to installing the bearing to the pressure plate...

Assemble clutch to motor.

Instal bearing to the nose of the trans in the fork and push it all way back to case on the nose..

Install trans to engine

Hopefully you have the lever removed from yoke on the slave..

Move lever to bring bearing up to the pressure plate, wiggle it to feel the bearing align with plate, then SNAP the arm sharply to pop the bearing into the lock ring on the pressure plate...

If you did it correctly, you will feel the lever now try to pull the plate... re-install yoke from slave to the lever.
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