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Hi All,
Just wanted to say hi. Recently got married and my new wife can't drive stick so it looks like we will be shopping for a new All Wheel Drive SUV and trading in my trusty, low mileage (66,500!), and paid off 2004 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport. I'll be getting her old car since I work from home (2002 Civic EX 112,000 miled ...yay :rolleyes: )

We are looking at certified preowned 2010-2012 Santa Fe's and also 2011 and 2012 Tuscons. No kids for us now but we may have one or two in the coming years so we want to make sure we have safe, reliable, and roomy vehicles (eventually I'll get a new car too but not for a bit). Just curious if anyone has any insights on the pros and cons of the Santa Fe vs the Tuscon. I wish we could spring for the new Santa Fe but I think it's just too far outside our budget.
What is your budget?

The new Santa Fe is clearly superior to the Tucson. I've owned both. I saw a new one on the local lot for about $25,000 today. Is that too much? Once you plug in the discounts/incentives, etc. you might be able to get one for about $22K.

As a general rule of thumb buying used cars today is not a good idea because of their high prices. Additionally, the finance rates are better on new cars.

If you go for a pre 2013 Santa Fe, I would opt for the V6. The Tucson has the 4 cylinder (GDI??) and is perfectly adequate but is overdue for a new model overhaul.

I owned a new 2013 Santa Fe for about a year and also a 2012 Tuscon with all the bells and whistles except turbo. And I drive occasionally for a local dealer.

Of course if you need an AWD it changes the equation considerably.
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