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Just took delivery 2-13-14. Sport 2.0T loaded. Black w/ saddle interior. Lots of techy stuff, more than I'll probably ever use, but its there just in case.

First impressions:

- Nice quiet, comfortable, ride
- Not a sports car, but if that's what I wanted I would have kept my trade-in (2009 Acura TL SH-AWD w/ Tech); also own 2009 Infiniti G37
- Bought it as a demo (1771 miles)
- Got a great deal, I think, except I added over priced dealer add-on stuff (extended bumper-to-bumper warranty, extended maintence contract - basically oil changes, Xzilon treatment) with the finance manager which then made the deal not so good; guess I'm getting too old to put up the battle and just say NO
- Gas tank was filled to full; I reset the trip computer; with about 50 miles after the reset, the computer shows av. MPG of 25 (all city/suburban) with a range of 260 miles - something odd about that (maybe wasn't really filled to full or trip computer is wacked)
- Tail pipes do show carbon residue, I’ll clean them carefully.

I'll keep everyone updated as time goes on - in the event anyone cares. Posted this in another forum that doesn't appear to be overly active. This forum seems much more active.
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