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Hey everyone. I'm not new to the forum scene and hope my knowledge comes in handy along the way. I just recently purchased a 2013 Hyundai Sonata SE 2.4L in Harbor Gray with matching interior. The vehicle is bare in equipment as that was what I needed most. Navi and Dimension sound system was more of a want. I was deciding whether to go for the 2.0T or 2.4L at the time. Decision was longevity so I settle for the 2.4L.

I'm a car nut/enthusiast and have owned/modified more cars then imagine. My other car is a Flushed out 2005 Infiniti G35 performance coupe 6sp. I took most performance enhance modds out and kept the varrstoen 2.2.2, megan race coils, blitz exhaust only.

I just also recently sold my AE102 Corolla 5sp manual with a REAL JDM Levin front conversion. That car was a head turner for a corolla. LOL

I do plan on little modds for the sonata, but I like her as she is atm. I do how-ever notice the stoft steering and wandering EPS. I have already set an appointment this saturday so hopefully get that sport program flashed in.

I would like to input that the sonata is my first ever Korean made vehicle. It has always been Japanese for me. Did own a Mercedes C230 kompressor sport, but will never go back to german. I do notice that the sonata seems to have a rich tune from the factory ( BTW that is Hyundai's way of being able to offer 10yr/100k???). I can't prove this as its only an assumption base on my knowledge for owning and self tuning. It is also the possibility why the 2.4L theta 2 response so well to better flowing aftermarket parts. Again it is just an assumption.

Well i will end this for now... and hoep to meet everyone on here.;)
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