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Hi all
just found the forum.
I got my first coupe 1 week ago and loving it (the v6 :)silver with no mods....yet...!!
The first drive home was 230 miles from where i bought it she never missed a beat power when i asked it and a nice smooth ride...apart from my dad following behind me in the van at 60mph :(
The day later was time for work, so i left in the van and the coupe keys in the hands of my better half :s...... and of course she has to find something wrong with it.She cant stop the car she says...brakes don't work (not a bad thing for her). So i take the car out for drive that night and to my surprise PERFECT,next day same thing and i take it back out that night and perfect again. Now she wont drive the car not that im bothered,But its at the back of my mind what she says.
Apparently the ABS light came on and the TCS went off and there was a crunching noise....i asked her if she was on a curb:)).
Has anyone else had the same intermittent alleged problem.
thx for any come back :)
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