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Howdy from Texas. In Laws just gave us their old family vehicle instead of trading it in. They wouldnt have gotten anything for it on trade in, so we got it for free.

Nice clean little Santa Fe GL 2.4 automatic with aftermarket leather installed back in 2001. got 154k on it with just a couple tiny issues (posted over in the 1st gen santa fe section....

they brought it up saturday and sunday i had all the seats and trim out of it to pull the entire carpet out of it to power wash it (they maintain their cars by the book but rarely clean them haha). seats and carpet look like they could be in a 10k mile car and not a 150k mile car now. then today i spent the day buffing and polishing the entire exterior and touching up here and there, and repainted the center caps (which for some reason all the silver paint had flaked off leaving an unfinished plastic surface). also, the guess 150k miles of brake dust really can be removed haha. polished the headlights form the opaque oxidzed state to a like new shine where u can actually see the inside of the lights. my poor buffer hasnt been run that much EVER.

anyway, less than a year ago she had a new pioneer stereo with all the bells and whistles and all new speakers installed, and it actually sounds pretty dam good. has new tires and a stack, and i mean a stack, of receipts.

besides a chronic check engine light, its had new AC compressor, new AC condensor, new alternator and battery, new cat/pipe assemblies, new valve cover gasket, new timing belt, new transmission about 40k ago, couple of brake jobs, all done at the dealer. once out of extended warranty she started using jiffy lube for oil changes...but other than that, all repairs have been done at the dealer. talk about the dealer making money off that car sale haha. and im sure the motor internally is just fine, as the longest she went on an oil change was 3218 miles. they were anywhere from 2700 to 3100 miles mostly. hopefully all that over maintenance has paid off...she's even had all the fluid changes and flushes done all the time (although i did warn her about a trans flush on a high mileage car....she did it anway. then lo and behold, she had to have the tranny replaced...hmm....she should have listened to me...a fluid drain and refill is much safer than a flush on a high miler with deposits etc...) sorry didnt mean to get off on all that....

so anyway, here i am. hope i can learn stuff about this car just as the rest of our cars and be able to share and be meaningful member.


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