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Hey guys. Just bought our '13 Accent 5 door back at the beginning of the year. So I'm a new Hyundai owner and a new member here. I'm 26 , wife is 24 we live in SW Missouri. We love our car. My wife drives it 99% of the time.
I woke up 1 Saturday and said were gettin you a new car. First stop Kia. We got there at 11:30am they jerked us around and pushed and shoved and we got no where. I wanted a brand new car. they kept pushing "certified used cars" so I said ok well lets see the nicest one you got. 1 owner Forte koup. white clean as heck. No wrecks. then I say hey whys it been painted (I do collision work)"where?!?!" salesman says i say here and here are cruddy blends. he didn't see anything naturally. I get to looking and bad body filler edge at wheel opening and 4 or 5 thumb sized holes in wheel well for dent removal. He told me not to worry cuz its certified. Then theyre manager tells me they cant even get me into it. like $14k.

Long story short we leave there at like 430pm and make it to Hyundai. They get us in and stay late to get us into a car. They worked until we could negotiate a car with options we wanted we could afford. $19k later we found the one. Super nice people, best experience. Ever.

Long intro I know. Just wanted you to know how I ended up Hyundai.
Such a fun little car. I'm proud of it. at 3k miles I decided I needed to take out a deer with it. Hit it right on the headlight. $1900 worth of damage. That car took it like a champ. Drove it home then to the body shop.

Anyways glad to be here, been scoping it out for a few days. Seems like a wealth of knowledge here. Hopefully I can give my .02 here and there.
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