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Hi Guys and Gals,

Long time reader, first time poster here. Glad that I finally signed up. I've been on a forum or two for every other car I had, but my 2012 Elantra Limited is my first new car, and I've been hesitant to engage in any possible warranty-voiding activities. :cool:

I'm in-between jobs, and so finally have a week off work to do a stereo install I've been sitting on for a while.

I've been reading through these 2 outstanding threads, but still have some unanswered questions...



If you guys know a good place I could post my general/specific questions I couldn't answer from reading these 2 posts, I'd appreciate it. I suppose at the end of these threads wouldn't be a bad place to start, but I didn't want to skip introducing myself to the forum. :D I'm really trying to get this install done before Friday.

I have decent stereo install experience, but have never worked with a Line Out Converter before. I have the Audio Control LC7i.

Glad again to be part of the forum!


2012 Elantra Limited with Nav

Stereo Items Currently Laying around Living Room for Install I should be Halfway done with Already:

12" Kicker CompR 800W RMS Sub in Sealed Enclosure
Kicker KX 800.1 Mono Amp

Polk Audio MM6501 Components for Fronts
Kicker DX 300.2 2-Channel Amp

Polk Audio db651 Coaxials for Rears (to run off factory power)

Audio Control LC7i Line Out Converter
Precision Power 2 Farad Capacitor

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I'm sure you'll post some pics of the final install...looking forward to them. :)

My only opinion is to ditch/sell the Capacitor. Its just another added strain to the alternator, and if your lights are dimming its basically just a bandaid to the problem. In which case you should look into a bigger battery, or alternator.
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