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Hi all,

We have a brand new ix35 (the 2010 "tucson") non turbo petrol, 2.0 16V 163 hp, manual gearbox

I am looking for a solution for this problem : when shifting from 1st to second gear, it takes some seconds for the power to come back, so it looks like I cannot drive a manual car anymore ... A shame for a car like this, dealer cannot solve, Hyundai belgium is looking for a solution, but, untill today, without any luck ...

It looks like all 2.0 16V 163 hp petrol manual gear have this same problem. I believe it has something to do with the "drive by wire", there is a lag between pushing the throttle and the reaction from the engine.

I have been looking to a product called "Sprintbooster" , but it is not yet available for this ix35 ...

So, if somebody knows a solution ... Thank you very much !!! [attachment=19347:ix35front.jpg]


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