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Hi all,

I still have the stock head unit in my 2008 Hyundai Getz Sx.
I'm looking to get a new head unit that has bluetooth, usb port and ipod connectivity.
The stock head unit connects to steering wheel controls for volume, changing stations etc and also has the little red flashing light for the alarm.
In saying that, I'm not really sure which models would be best to put in that would allow me to still use the steering wheel controls and not affect the alarm.
I've never changed a head unit before so I'm looking for suggestion on what to buy.
Also, just wondering if it would be easy to do the install myself or worthwhile getting a car audio specialist to do it.
I thought something like this might be ok.

Pioneer MVH355BT – $149 from Jb hifi
JVC KDR646 – $109 from Jb hifi
Not fussed where I buy the unit from in Australia.

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