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Hello All,

Recently purchased a 2010 Santa FE GLS (a month ago). Also a proud owner of a 2004 Santa Fe.
Love both vehicles (so far). At about 400 miles, my wife noticed a cosmetic defect in the paneling above the glove box. It looks like some sort obstruction interrupted the painting process and left a thumb sized light grey spot on a dark grey panel. Looks like sunlight hitting the panel from the driver's seat and is not visible at night.

Lesson learned...spend as much time checking out the interior as you do the exterior, though I feel they should have caught it during dealer prep.

Took it to the dealer and since they did not give me a warm fuzzy feeling ("we have to call Hyundai"), I figured I would hit the internet and see if there were similar problems while I wait for them to get back to me, thus here I am. What should I expect from the dealer?

looks like a lot great info on this site and will help as I explore the capabilities of my vehicle.

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