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Howdy everybody. Been lurking here a couple weeks and finally decided to join up. Just a quick intro. Purchased a 2001 Santa Fe GLS off my parents because they are no longer capable of driving...safely at least.

This car will be my daily driver while my daughter is in college. When she is home it will be hers to drive. Reason I'll be driving it while she is away is because my Ram 1500 is an absolute pig on gas and the transmission is beginning to slip.

Santa Fe has 98K miles on it. Body is mint. Engine runs like a top. Interior is nasty. Parents brought their dogs everywhere and aren't exaclty neat nuts when it comes to vehicles. I'll be attacking the interior with Folex and my wet vac based on some reading I've done here. Also there is a 'clunk' in the front right. Struts only have about 4K miles on them so it's not that. I'll have to figure it out. Also need to bring it in to have 2 different recalls addressed.

Most importantly to my daughter, though, is getting an aux in hooked up to the radio so she can plug her iPod in. I'll be asking about that on a separate thread. ;)
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