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Hi my fellow Hyundai owners or users.
My name is Mihai, I am from Europe and I own an Hyundai Elantra 1.6L MT model 2019. The equipment class, as they sell all Hyundais in Europe, is Comfort Class which I do not think you can find it in the US or Canada. It a stage upper than the basic model and it is followed by 3 upper classes ending with the GT model.
After intense searching and visiting all car dealers, I confidently chose Hyundai Elantra. None of the other dealers sell bigger engines than 1.4L (Peugeot and Opel) these days due to EU tight emissions regulations, while Hyundai had this Elantra with 1.6. They are allowed to sell bigger engines because the EU counts per overall Manufacturer and not cars models individually produced by that manufacturer. The more electric and hybrid models the better for the Manufacturer who can squeeze models like mine or Toyota with their Corollas.
I am happy with the choice and the quality Hyundai MotorCorp manufacture their cars.
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